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Get away from Chemicals Mesa, AZ

Organic Pest Solutions are Available

In the beginning, there were organochlorines (OCs). The post-WWII explosion in the use of these long lasting chemicals was based on belief that the "miraculous" pesticides were pretty much harmless to humans. In time, scientists began to understand the dangers of chemicals like DDT and endosulfan (both OCs). They last for years in the environment, build up in the tissues of animals (including humans), pass from mother to child during pregnancy and can wreak havoc on the human nervous, hormone and immune systems. Some organochlorines can also cause cancer. Harmless? Not very.

Next up was the family of pesticides called organophosphates (OPs), which didn't last nearly so long in the environment or build up in human tissue. Safer, right? The catch is, they're much more toxic in the short term. OPs have been linked to many, many health harms, including higher rates of ADHD in children, reproductive harms, and increased risk of Parkinson's Disease. Many have been banned from household products because they are especially dangerous to children, but use on farms is still widespread.

Pyrethroids were then introduced — not so many years ago — as a new, safer alternative to OPs. Pyrethroids are synthesized to mimic the natural insecticide pyrethrum, which is extracted from certain species of chrysanthemum. But once again, scientists are discovering that the synthetic version is far from harmless.

Now there are products available that are OMRI (organic materials review institute) or NOP ( national organic program )certified. At Lady Bug Eco-Friendly Pest Control we use products that are labeled OMRI, so you know you are getting an organic service that will be non toxic to you, your children and pets.

If you have a pest issue that needs a Pest Control Professional, please call Lady Bug – for an organic solution to your pest problems.

Get away from Chemicals Mesa, AZ

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