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Gopher Removal Phoenix AZ

Gopher 101


Sometimes it can be very hard to determine what type of animal is being a nuisance around your home.  However, figuring out if a Gopher is the problem, is fairly simple. 

Gophers are subterranean animals.  This means they spend the majority of their life underground in burrows that they have dug beneath your lawn, flower beds, and garden.  When they are building their burrows, they will push dirt out to the surface, and this creates mounds.  If you have mounds in your yard, the culprit is most likely a gopher.  If you see tunnels that are raised and go across your hard, that would be a mole problem, not gophers.  Gophers want to stay deep below the surface, so a dirt mound is the only physical sign you will see.  Moles will leave tracks as they dig, but they dig barely under the surface.   Gopher Removal Phoenix AZ


A Gopher’s tunnel will be about 6 to 8 8nches below the ground, and their feeding burrow will be as deep as 6 feet under ground.  There is usually only one gopher per burrow system.  This makes getting rid of them quite easy for pest control.  Gophers will eat any vegetation they can get their hands and mouth on, including flowers, shrubs, trees, and your vegetable garden.  They can even pull plants down into their burrow system.  Even though they are easy to eradicate, one gopher can cause serious damage to just about all the vegetation on your property, and it wont take them long. 


So if you have established your problem is a gopher, you will want to get rid of them as soon as possible.  Not only are they terrible for your beautiful garden and plants, but they create quite an eye sore with their mounds.  Gophers can also make the irrigation water siphon away from your yard, which only creates more damage to your landscaping.  And they love to chew on the sprinkler systems and other underground utilities.   Gopher Removal Phoenix AZ


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