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Honey Bee Removal Carefree AZ

Most Common Bee In Arizona

In Arizona, you will find that it is home to many different types of bees.  In the world, there are around 20,000 different species.  Probably the only place bees are not found, is in Antarctica.  The most diverse population of bees will be found in warm, arid, or semiarid areas…….like the Southwest. 


Bees are important, especially when it comes to nature.  They pollinate plants, wildflowers, and provide wax and honey.  Most of the time, bees do not sting unless they feel threatened.  Social bees (like the honey bee) are the most common species found in Arizona.  They will sting in order to protect their colonies or their babies.  Honey Bee Removal Carefree AZ


Honey Bees


A lot of different types of bees are considered solitary…..but not the honey bee.  It is a social insect, which means it lives with other bees in colonies or hives.  The hive colonies are made up of a three-tier caste system: One queen bee whose only job is to lay eggs; male drones that simply mate with the queen and then die; and female bees who work, but do not produce.  The working bees perform several different jobs that are necessary for the hive to survive.  They keep the hive clean, collect pollen and nectar so the colony can eat, and they also take care of the babies.  The hives are made from wax, and are perennial.  They can house up to 80,000 bees at one time.  The honey bee queen can live on average, 2 to 3 years…..where the working bee doesn’t usually live longer than 6 weeks.  Honey Bee Removal Carefree AZ  


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