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Insect Bite Mesa AZ

First Aid For Insect Stings In Dogs

If you own a dog, you already know that they are nosy creatures who sniff anything that interests them.  Insects?  Well, they are pretty interesting to a dog and are worth investigating.  But, they stick their nose where it doesn’t belong, and find themselves quickly reprimanded.  A LOT of insect bites on dogs, occur on the nose! 


Insects sting the closest body part to them…..that means the eyes, ears and feet are super easy targets.  If a dog steps in an anthill or disturbs a wasp nest or bee hive, the insects will swarm and sting the dog’s whole body!  Spiders don’t swarm, but a spider bite can be pretty nasty, depending on the spider. 


A sting of a bee, wasp, or hornet, and the bite of an ant or spider can be trouble for a nosy dog.  Insect venom can cause problems that range from mild irritation to life-threatening shock.  A pet owner needs to be observant to help minimize the reaction by taking action.  First aid starts at home, but severe cases will require prompt medical care. 


So what do you do when your dog battles a bug?

  1.  Be quick to recognize! 

If your dog suddenly paws at their face, chews the foot, starts swelling in any area of the body—consider the possibility of an insect bite. 

  1.  Identify the insect

Quickly look at the area for a flying insect or crawling one.  Spiders can be difficult to identify and can be poisonous, so capture it if you can. Insect Bite Mesa AZ

  1.  Bee Sting?  Look for a Stinger.

Bees are the only insect to leave their stinger in the victim.  The stinger, if left, can continue to secrete venom.  Removing it as soon as possible can reduce the amount of toxin injected into the dog’s body.  If the stinger is still in the dog, remove it by scraping a credit card over the stinger and flick it off.  Do not use tweezers that could squeeze more venom out of the stinger sack.  Other flying insects like wasps or hornets do not leave a stinger behind.  Insect Bite Mesa AZ


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