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Insect Bite Phoenix AZ

Insect 911 For Dogs

Man’s best friend, the dog!  When our fur babies suffer, we do to!  Dogs are notorious for being nosey creatures, and nosey creatures tend to get into somethings they should not—like insects. Whether it be ant bites, bee stings, or spider bites… are a few tips to help them along.


  1.  Sooth the bite site

Make a super thick paste of baking soda and water.  Apply it directly to the sting area.  If there are multiple stings/bites, then try a soothing oatmeal bath instead.

  1.  Minimize the swelling

Just like us, using a cold ice pack will take the swelling down in pups.  Use an ice pack and apply it to the area for 10 minutes to help reduce swelling.  A bag of frozen peas works well, too, for individual bites.  If there are multiple, try a cooled towel.

  1.  Help prevent an allergic reaction

You wont know your dog is highly allergic, until, well……its bad!  Instead of waiting, give a dose of an oral anti-histamine to help minimize the reaction and also to help decrease itching.  Ask your vet, first, for the proper dose!

  1.  Reduce trauma of scratching

Dog’s hate them, but a head cone really is for their protection.  If your dog is a licker or scratcher, using a cone is the best.  When a dog constantly scratches, it will delay healing and can cause infection.    

  1.  Maintain Hydration and Food

Make sure they have fresh water to drink.  If a dog is stung in the mouth, they may find it difficult to eat, so make sure to feed moist food.  Softening dry food with water is less likely to upset the GI tract. 



When is an insect bite serious?  Insect Bite Phoenix AZ


Just like people, there are dogs are hypersensitive (allergic) to insect stings or bites.  A dog’s reaction will vary---depends on the immune system and type of insect bite.  Within 20 minutes, you will usually know of an allergic reaction—but a reaction also can be delayed for several hours.  Monitoring closely is critical. 


A severe reaction (anaphylaxis) can be fatal.  Taking action quick is vital for their health.  Insect Bite Phoenix AZ


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