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Mesa AZ Bee Removal

All About the Bumble Bee


These fuzzy creatures may display a buzzy bumbling flight pattern, but these bees are super clever and have superior pollination abilities!  They can collect pollen twice as fast as a honey bee.  When bumble bees are pollinating, this heavy bee will cling to the bottom of the flower and vibrate.  This vibration is the bee using it’s flight muscles and is what produces the buzzing sound.  The pollen will fall out of the lower onto the bumble bee!  Bumble bees are awesome tomato and blueberry pollinators!  They can harvest pollen from flowers 400 times faster than that of a honey bee. 


Although bumble bees are fast, they certainly aren’t furious.  There is a bumble bee queen and the workers. The workers have stingers but seldom sting. 


So why is the bumble bee so efficient?  After they scrape the pollen off and mix it with their spit, the female workers will carry the pollen on the underside of her fuzzy abdomen, and also her rear legs.  She also can gather nectar with these same trips! The bumble bee will carry the pollen back to her hive for the rearing new workers. Mesa AZ Bee Removal


Just like the honey bee, the bumble bee is a social bee with only one queen in a hive with workers that support her.  While honey bees have a permanent colony, the bumble bees do not.  During fall, the bumble bee colony will die out and only the young, mated queens hibernate.  They hibernate separately, somewhere else in their own new hole.  In a bumble bee hive there are only 150-200 bees. 


The bumble bee pollinates during spring and through the fall in gardens and flowers.  It is a great pollinator for tomatoes and other summer vegetables.  Bumble bees can also do well in some greenhouse arrangements. Mesa AZ Bee Removal


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