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Eco Friendly Mice Control


You can buy a mouse or rat at the pet store, and they really do make great pets.  That being said, they are terrible pests to have running around your home.

Killing them is quite sad, but letting them run around everyone is a huge hygiene and safety issue.  They can chew through electrical wires, which can cause a fire, wreaking all sorts of structural havoc.  Also, no one wants to see poop in the kitchen! 

There are environmental issues as well.  There are several areas where house mice are not a native species.  They compete for food, which is a detriment for other animals.  They can strip an area bare of a food source. Mesa AZ Best Pest Control Company

Most rodenticides available at stores contain pretty nasty ingredients.  The chemicals in them are brutal on the animal, causing them to die horrible deaths through internal bleeding.  Sometimes it can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days for the death to occur.   

Aside from the cruelty aspect that occurs to the rodent, given how long it takes for the animal to die, it will continue to feed on the bait for a while and the poison builds up in their system.  As they become weaker, they become an easy target for other animals.  Animals like dogs, cats or birds.  When they feed on the rodent, it poisons them as well.  If it doesn’t kill the predator, the poison can still remain in their system for quite some time. 

Rats and mice breed regularly during their very short life span.  There are now rats and mice that have become resistant to the recommended amount of pesticide, so more chemical is needed.  Other animals have yet to develop this tolerance, so chances of them surviving if they consume a poisoned rodent are very slim.  Mesa AZ Best Pest Control Company


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