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Mesa AZ Pest Control Near Me

Questions for Your Pest Control Company

Sometimes we can try our best when it comes to keeping pests away from the home---but our best doesn’t always work to deliver the desired results.  So if you are tired of all the bugs, you may want to consider turning it over to a professional pest control company. 

But then you are stuck with the decision, who do you choose?  You want your exterminator to perform as they advertise, and you will want the best!  So here are some questions to ask to make sure you find the best professional around! 

  1.  Is the company licensed?  Does it belong to a professional organization?  Every state is different, but when you work with a licensed exterminator this means that company is meeting the minimum expectations of the state they are in.  Also, make sure you ask what type of training the technicians have had. Mesa AZ Pest Control Near Me
  2. Do they carry insurance?  When a company carries insurance, it will demonstrate to you that they are concerned about their reputation and they also want to protect their customers.  After asking this question, ask the technician who will be performing the work, if they are bonded. 
  3. Is the work guaranteed?  Are references provided?  Sometimes treating a home for pests is not enough.  The thing is, the company needs to guarantee their work, within reason.  If more treatment is needed, what is the process?  Is it included with the initial fee, or will they charge an additional fee?  And when it comes to references, they are must….and you need to call them.  Any reputable company will not have an issue with you checking the quality of their work.  Mesa AZ Pest Control Near Me

Contact Lady Bug Pest Control Specialists. We offer Free Home Inspection for Termites, Eco-Friendly Pest Control, Home Seal Service, Bed Bug Eco-Heat, and Rodent Control. We perform Complete Home Inspections. Lady Bug also will do a free termite inspection if you already are under contract with another company and take over your existing termite warranty policy. Please feel free to contact Lady Bug Pest Control Specialists to answer any of your pest control questions or for a FREE Inspection. 480-833-1111.

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