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Tips for Pest Control

Summer is fastly approaching!  And with summer, comes the pesky insects!  Here are some tips for some of the most common insects that love to invade your home and property!



There are more than 20 species of ants in the United States.  Most ants can be eliminated by setting out traps or bait that contains an ingredient called boric acid.  On packaging, it often is listed as orthoboric acid. 


These leggy critters love damp areas… dry all damp areas out!  This includes garages, porches, and basements.  If you have any plumbing leaks, fix them.  Seal foundation cracks.  If an area is damp often, consider purchasing a dehumidifier. 


These insects are resilient, so chemical control will need to be implemented.  There are baits available or traps that contain boric acid or other poisons. 


Easy fix!  Buy some duct tape, place it sticky side up on the floor wherever you are hearing crickets.  Bugs will be attracted to it, and then get stuck. Mesa Arizona Best Pest Control Company


Fleas can be airborne, hopping, and very VERY annoying.  Your focus needs to be on killing flea eggs that are in carpet and fabrics.  Fabrics need to be laundered in hot water.  This includes pet bedding, rugs, covers, and pillow covers.  If this doesn’t fix the problem, chemical solutions will need to be used. Pets can be bathed in flea shampoo and also a flea-prevention can be administered by your veterinarian. 


Find more tips within our other articles!  And don’t forget to call us for your pest control needs!  Mesa Arizona Best Pest Control Company

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