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What Attracts Flies?

You are getting ready to have a family BBQ……..not a fly in sight……then you start bringing out the food, and all the sudden they are EVERYWHERE! 

To help determine what is attracting the flies to your house, you will first need to know what type of fly you are encountering.  Something like a common house fly will be attracted to decaying organic filth like feces or rotting meat.  If fruit flies are the problem, they are seeking to find sugary substances like overripe fruit, spilled soda, and alcohol.  For drain flies to be present, they want moist climates and organic materials.  They will lay their eggs in drains. 

In order to target the pest appropriately, identifying the fly and what it is feeding on will help establish the best pest control method.  It also will help in locating breeding sites.  When the feeding site is identified, clean the area thoroughly to help prevent a repeat infestation.

The flies feed on waste, they collect pathogens on their legs and mouth, and these pathogens are what is transferred to the food on the tables, counters, and utensils.  Flies regurgitate on solid food…..resulting in them then eating the liquid.  They can transfer disease when they vomit, groom themselves, or just simply walk or land on the surface.  Mesa Arizona Pest Control

The best fly pest control is possible with using simple, preventive measures.  Flies prefer warmer temperatures, and are seem most from late spring to early autumn.  To repel flies at this time, limit their access to your home as much as possible.  Keep the doors and windows closed.  Keep garbage cans clean and closed.  In your home, keep surfaces clean.  And for the best results, contact your local pest control company for professional help and also to discuss what exterminations options are available to you.  Mesa Arizona Pest Control


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