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All About Earwigs

There is a superstition that some people believe about Earwigs; they like to burrow in people’s ears while they sleep.  This is a MYTH and has absolutely no scientific bases.  People are frightened by them because of their distinct pincers on the back of their abdomens.  They use their pincers to fend off predators and also for fighting with other earwigs.  There are over twenty species in the United States alone.  Adults can range from 5-25 mm and they are slender in body type.  The adults also have two pairs of wings.  Some earwigs also can produce a foul smelling liquid to help with their defense. 

Earwigs also produce a pheromone that some scientists believe this is why some species cluster together in large numbers.  An immature earwig looks just like an adult, but with no wings. 


Earwigs are most active at night…….and during the day they can be found in cracks or in damp areas.  Outside they live under rocks and logs, and even mulch in the flowerbeds.  Earwigs diet consists of plants and insects. #pestproblem


Earwigs that live outdoors will spend their winter in small burrows, in the ground.  During the springtime, females will lay their eggs in the burrows and she will tend to them until they hatch.  The female earwig will then care for the “nymphs” until they are able to find their own food. 

Earwigs love light which means they can be quite the nuisance around porches and patios on warm summer evenings.  In morning time they can be seen gathered under cushions that are outside. 

When you see an earwig in the house, it has come inside to find food or because the weather has changed.  Mesa Pest Control AZ


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