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Six Steps to an Ant Free Home

Simple tips you can do today to help get rid of ants.


If you have never had ants in your home, office or school, you are one of the lucky ones!  But most people have fought their fair share of battles against these pests like pavement ants in the garage or house ants that march across your kitchen counter. 

Ants are number one when it comes to being the most nuisance pest in the US.  There are more than 700 species in the country and more than 20 species that are known to infest homes and structures.  There are some simple steps that any homeowner can take to reduce the risk of inviting ants into the home.


  1.  Know the hangout areas

Most ants frequently infest kitchens.  Kitchens are full of food and water, everything an ant (or any pest) needs to survive.  Bathrooms, bedrooms, family rooms, basements, inside walls, air conditioning units, heating units are all known to attract ants!   


  1.  Eliminate water sources

Reducing moisture or standing water around the home can go a long way to prevent ants.  Repair leaky pipes, check under sinks for moisture.  You can use a dehumidifier in damp basements, crawl spaces or attics to help.  Outside, make sure the downspouts and gutters are working properly so that water flows away from the home. Mesa Pest Control Around Me AZ


  1.  Eliminate food sources

Keep the kitchen tidy if you want to discourage ants from coming inside.  Wipe down the counters often and sweep the floors to get rid of crumbs and spills.  Store any food in sealed pest-proof containers and keep ripe fruit in the fridge.  If you have sticky jars, wipe them down. Put a lid on the trashcan and dispose of the trash regularly. Mesa Pest Control Around Me AZ


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