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All About Gnats

I love summertime.  Mainly because of the delicious fruit that is readily available at local Farmer Markets.  You get that ripe fruit home……store it……and then every day, it seems all the sudden………gnats have surfaced. 

Gnats are small, long-legged, and are an insect.  They are NOT good fliers.  The word “gnat” is a common name for several small, winged insects.  Some think these are “baby flies”……they are not.  Gnats are adults.  Some gnats are fruit flies, or fungus gnats.  It depends on their species, but some can be biting or non-biting, and they feed on plants, other insects, or blood. 

Reproduction  #pestcontrol

With some species of gnats, the males will assemble in a large swarm, known as a ghost, for mating purposes.  Usually this happens most often at dusk in large fields and above streets.  Depending on what type of species, gnats eggs are laid on either land or water.  The larvae are immobile, but can move by way of rocks and water plants.  Size varies with adults, but they are no bigger than 33 mm.  Some species of gnats are excellent plant pollinators, but other gnats like the Hessian Fly, are crop pests.  So they are considered beneficial to some, and detrimental to others.

The females of some species, like the black gnat (black fly), feed on blood.  These gnats carry parasites and spread diseases to humans and livestock.  There are numerous programs all over the world to control gnat populations. 

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