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Mosquito Control Cave Creek AZ

Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Me?

Mosquitoes are attracted to a number of different things that humans do and produce.  One of the most attractive things to a mosquito is our breath, or what we breathe out; carbon dioxide.  So combining our breath along with these other factors, could be why the mosquitoes prefer you over the person sitting next to you!




Mosquitoes are also attracted visually.  So if you are moving quite a bit, it can bring the mosquito to you, instead of the person sitting still next to you.  When you are moving, you are sweating/producing heat.  This will make you even more attractive to mosquitoes.  So if a person is playing sports, the combination of breathing out, sweat, movement, and their body producing heat, can make them more of a target for mosquitoes. 


Blood Type

You can try your best to keep them away, but unfortunately, if you have the right blood, you could be the mosquitoes main target.  A study by NCBI found that people with Type O blood will attract more mosquitoes than any other blood type.  A mosquito can tell what blood type you have, by your odor.  There is absolutely nothing you can do about this.  Mosquito Control Cave Creek AZ


Smelly Feet

Someone around you with smelly feet may make you run for the hills, but to a mosquito, it will only cause them to come closer.  The USDA has said that smelly feet are a lot like Limburger Cheese; and mosquitoes are very attracted to Limburger Cheese!  When the study combined Carbon Dioxide along with smelly socks, many of the mosquitoes that carries diseases came flying right over.


Obviously we can’t quit breathing, moving, or change our blood type ( we can control our smelly feet).  But at least you now know, why on earth you attract mosquitoes!  Mosquito Control Cave Creek AZ


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