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Mosquito Pest Control Mesa AZ

It Starts with Larval Control

Having a mosquito problem?  Often times we forget…….mosquito problems exist because we aren’t effectively removing the larval. 


One of the most efficient ways to control mosquitoes is to eliminate their larval habitat.  This means swamps, or sluggish streams……or even ditches.  Sometimes this a community effort, and also an organized mosquito control program.  When this isn’t an option, larviciding may be needed.  These requires an application of insecticides that target an immature mosquito---known as the larvae or pupae.  This insecticide is applied to the body of water that is harboring the larvae. Insecticides can not be applied to all the water, so most control companies will concentrate on where the larvae usually are---near the shoreline of a lake, stream, or ditch. 


As a homeowner, there are also some steps you can take to help prevent mosquito breeding on your property.


1.     Get rid of tin cans, buckets, plastic swimming pools, or any other container that can contain and collect water.  Do not allow water to sit in the saucers of the flowerpots, urns…..or even pet dishes for more than 2 days. Mosquito Pest Control Mesa AZ

2.    If you have a birdbath, change the water at least once a week.  Or maybe you have an ornamental pool---if so, stock it with top feeding minnows.  These are “mosquito fish.  There are also commercial products you can purchase like mosquito dunks or mosquito bits.  These products will destroy any developing mosquito. 

3.    Clean the rain gutters and remove any standing water around the homes structure.  Check your faucets and air conditioner units---repair any leaks. 

4.    When watering your lawn or gardening, do so carefully.  Prevent water from standing for more than 2 days.  Mosquito Pest Control Mesa AZ


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