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Mosquito exterminators mesa az

Pesky Mosquitos

On facebook the other day, a memory popped up that I had shared 2 years ago, right after moving to Louisiana.  It said “When you really want to slap someone, slap them and yell, MOSQUITO!”  How true this is, especially if you live in the south, around bayou’s like I do.  Having mosquito control is a MUST.

The summer months are a killer, especially in the south, but mosquito’s tend to be everywhere during the summer.  They are horribly annoying, SO many, and they are resilient.  They spread diseases like West Nile Virus, and they can ruin a perfectly good evening.  Believe it or not, there is hope!  With the right tools and some effort, it is possible to control the mosquito population in many areas and climates!

Mosquito exterminators mesa az Like I said early, mosquito’s thrive in damp areas, like swamps.  But you don’t have to live in the swamps like I do, to have a mosquito problem.  Any standing water is fair game for mosquitos, it is where the breeding happens.  If there are a lot of mosquitos around your property, there is most likely standing water close by.  Check the gutters, a clogged rain gutter is perfect.  Or if you have bird baths, fountains, rain barrels, plant trays……any of these provide enough water to harbor mosquitos.  The best way to take care of a mosquito problem is prevention!  Keep any water that is around your place clean and change it once a week!

If only we could make the entire community keep standing water at a bay.  Of course you can use citronella candles and bug zappers, but there are other precautions you can take to keep mosquitos away from you and your home. 

Take a look at all your doors and windows.  Replace screens that are damaged, and replace any outdoor light bulbs with yellow lights.  These attract fewer bugs.  Set mosquito traps around the property and replace them regularly. 

If you will be spending a great deal outside, use mosquito repellent.  Mosquito exterminators mesa az


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