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Pest Control Arizona Mesa

Interesting Facts About Pet Pests


When your family spends time together outdoors, it’s not just the kids that bring unwanted pests indoors.  Your animal’s fur is a great place for pests like fleas and ticks to grab on to when your pet is exploring the yard. 

Because fleas and ticks have a unique way of adapting, they can easily find and feed on mammals to survive.  Read on for ticks!

  • There are some species of ticks that have a preferred host, dogs.  The American Dog Tick prefers a domestic dog, so this is the most common tick species that is brought into the home. 
  • A tick is easier to spot after it has had a meal.  They can grow almost four times in size when they are engorged with blood.
  • For a tick to find a host, it will clasp onto shrubs or grass with their back legs and then reach with their front legs to grab passing fur or clothing.  Pest Control Arizona Mesa
  • Wherever a tick attaches, it will crawl toward the head of the host.  The skin around the neck and ears is thinner and also a spot harder for an animal to groom. 

Read on for fleas

  • Fleas can jump!  150 times higher than their own height, about eight feet!
  • Fleas will remain on their host at all times, but are easily transferable to furniture, carpet, or other animals.
  • There are over 2,000 species and subspecies of fleas.  One species, the cat flea, is responsible for the majority of infestations in the US. 
  • It’s not always the dog!  Fleas infest many animals like rodents and raccoons.  If you have a rodent infestation, fleas may soon follow.  Pest Control Arizona Mesa



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