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Mud Dauber VS Wasp

Do you know the difference?  Mud daubers are a type of wasp, but there are so many things that set them apart from the typical wasp.  Both of these creatures are of the Hymenoptera Order…..the differences start with that and range from the way they appear to how they feed.


There are over 30,000 identified species, and wasps make up a large part of the flying insect population.  Most humans are familiar with the types that sting, but there are many kinds that are harmless to people.  A fully grown wasp can reach 1.5 inches long and is identified by the body type as well as color.  Mud daubers are solitary hunting.  Other wasps like yellow jackets and hornets are considered to be the social variety. 


Social wasps are the minority.  Only around 1,000 types exist—but these colonies can be huge and reach up to 5,000 members.  Social stinging wasps are the ones that most humans come in contact with most frequently.  Mud Daubers fall into the solitary wasp category---and prefer to avoid all human contact.  They prefer not to sting and will not defend their nest like a social wasp will. 


Solitary wasps are either insect hunting or spider hunting.  Mud Daubers are spider hunters---and some use black widow spiders as their food source.  They will paralyze their prey before sealing it into the nest for their young.  They also will do this before eating it.  When they paralyze it, it helps to preserve the prey.  Social wasps have much more of a variety when it comes to diet.  They eat insects, plants, nectar, caterpillars, and even fruit.  Some aggressive species of social wasps also will drink the blood of honey bees.  Pest Control Company Around Phoenix AZ


Different types of mud daubers are identified by their nests.  They build them under eaves or on walls or other flat surfaces.  Each nest is made with mud carried and formed by the female.  Nests from other wasps can be made from wood pulp, chewed and then constructed by the females and the young.  The nests of social wasps can be found anywhere---hollow plants, trees, behind walls, under ground…….and they are home to colonies of wasps.  They will be larger and more complex than a mud daubers.   Pest Control Company Around Phoenix AZ


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