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Ground Squirrels

Thirteen-lined ground squirrels are shorter, have a less bushy tail, and live underground.  Often times in the Midwest, they are known as gophers.  These ground squirrels are nervous, yet excitable pests……and they love to just stay close to their home.  Most of the time they are found near burrows.  They are excellent diggers, therefore, they spend most of their time underground.


These squirrels can be quite the pests!  Most commonly found around building foundations, golf courses, garden, and lawns……and boy can they wreak some havoc on your property.  They are very active in early spring until about mid-fall.  When they aren’t active, they are hibernating underground.  When they emerge in the spring, the first thing they do is mate.  The female gives birth about 1 month later.


Ground squirrels eat mostly seeds, fruits, roots, insects, and green vegetation.  So if you have a garden or do some farming……..these squirrels can be quite an issue.  Their homes will tend to be close to areas where there are newly planted seeds and other vegetation that is ready to eat.  Pest Control Company Near Me Fountain Hills, AZ 


The average female will give birth to about 10 offspring….once a year.  The young ground squirrels will reach sexual maturity around 9 to 10 months. 


There are numerous signs you may be dealing with a 13-lined Ground Squirrel infestation: damaged plants, disturbed soil, and seeing the squirrels themselves.  This particular ground squirrel is quite different than your typical bushy tail, acrobatic tree squirrel. 


If you fear you may have a ground squirrel infestation, it is best to contact your local control company.  Pest Control Company Near Me Fountain Hills, AZ  


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