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All About RattleSnakes

Throughout the world, there are many venomous snakes, that when they bite, their bite can be fatal to humans.  In the United States, there are four of these snakes: coral snake, copperhead snake, cottonmouth water moccasin, and the rattlesnake.

There are 32 different species of the rattlesnake, but they all share 2 common traits: triangular head and jointed rattles on their tail. 

The rattlesnake, along with the copperhead and cottonmouth, are all pit vipers.  This means that the snake has two pits under it’s nostrils to detect heat.  This makes it possible for them to hunt warm-blooded prey.  Their pits are so sensitive that the snake can determine the size of the animal and can even detect the prey in complete darkness. 

Of the 32 species, they all can be identified by the different color variations/patterns on their skin.  The colors range from brown, gray and black… yellow, cream, rust, olive, and even a light pink. The skin may have a pattern of banded, diamond, blotched…..or no pattern.  Pest Control Company Near Me Mesa AZ 

Rattlesnakes have a forked tongue and they flip it up and down—this enables the tongue to pick microscopic particles in the air.  When the tongue goes back into the mouth, the touches a sensitive spot on the roof the snake’s mouth called the vomeronasal organ.  This organ is what sends messages to the snake’s brain to help the snake identify the scent….whether it is food, enemy, a mate, or even an object.

These snakes have external nostrils that are lined with olfactory cells.  These cells also can pick up a scent—however their primary use is for breathing.  Rattlesnakes can also pick up vibrations through their body muscles—they do not have ears, so they rely on the vibration to help them pick up sound. 

Rattlesnakes eyes are able to detect an object or movement from around 40 feet away.  Their pupils are elliptical—not round—so this enables the snake to be able to see when in dim light.  This also helps them when they are hunting at night. Pest Control Company Near Me Mesa AZ 


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