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What Kind Of Scorpion Is That? 

Most people in Arizona assume that all scorpions are the same----that, however, is not the case.  In Arizona you will find the Arizona Bark Scorpion, Arizona Giant Hairy Scorpion, Arizona Stripetail Scorpion, and the Yellow Ground Scorpion.

The Arizona Stripetail Scorpion, Vaejovis Spinigerus, is easy to distinguish from all other scorpions found in Arizona because it is robust, with a lustrous metasoma, and the keels have an underlying pigment—where it gets its name.  The dorsal keels are spine bearing, hence where it gets the name Spinigerus.  The hands of the scorpion are smooth, and often times the palm is inflated. 

The color of this scorpion does range from light yellow all the way to brown, and can have dark stripes along it’s dorsum. The stripes form a somewhat “horned” appearance.  The females can easily reach 70 mm, but most are found to be around 60 mm (3 inches). 

What you need to know about the Arizona Stripetail Scorpion:

*Usually they are under 3 inches long—the females are generally larger than the males. 

*Also known as the Arizona stripe-tailed scorpion

*Stripetail scorpions are Arizona’s most common species, and are found most of the time, under rocks.  Pest Control Company Near Me Phoenix AZ


The Yellow Ground Scorpion, Vaejovis confuses, and yellow and granular in appearance.  Its hands and fingers are slender, a lot like the Arizona Bark Scorpion.  The first two metasomal segments however, are much wider than they are long.  These are found all throughout the Sonoran Desert, where they will burrow under rocks or other objects. 

What You Need To Know About the Yellow Ground Scorpion:

*It is nocturnal

*Found in southeastern Arizona……and all the way to Idaho and Southeast Washington  Pest Control Company Near Me Phoenix AZ


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