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Cotton Rats



A cotton rat has a bare tail with a head and body that ranges in length from 13.3 to 21.3 cm.  Their bodies are covered with coarse hair and the ears are pretty my hidden in the hair.  They are usually gray in color on the back but can have black hairs mixed in.  The underside of them are light in color. 


Behavior, Diet & Habits

The cotton rat can be found across most of the country.  From Florida to California and even north to Virginia and Kansas.  Reports of this rat have also been seen as far north as Illinois. 

They are agricultural pests that live in grassy areas and love to feed on plants.  They can cause major damage to row crops.  They nest on the ground in shallow burrows and make trails in the grass wherever they travel. Pest Control Company in Mesa AZ


Cotton rats will move from fields to lawns and gardens.  They aren’t usually a structural pest, but they will invade buildings if food is available.  They can easily infest a garage, barn, or storage shed.  If a lake home or hunting cabin is rarely used, it also becomes a place for the rats to invade. 



The female rat can produce as many as nine litters a year, averaging around 6 young in each litter.  The young become mature in about 1 month.  When there is a plethora of food, these rats can produce quickly.  When food is scarce, their reproductive rate will lower. Pest Control Company in Mesa AZ


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