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Cotton Rats


Cotton Rats are gray in color, and their ears are well hidden in their furry body.  They are an agricultural pest and can be found throughout the majority of the country.  The majority of their habitation is from Florida to California, but they will go north to Virginia and Kentucky.  Some have even spotted them as far north as Illinois. 


If you fear a rat infestation, the signs can be sighting of the rodent or shallow burrows that have multiple entrances. 


Within the Cotton Rat, is the Hispid Cotton Rat.  It is a host for hantavirus.  This virus results in hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS).  The virus becomes airborne when rat droppings or the dead rat is disturbed.  If someone inhales the airborne virus, they can become infected.  The cotton rat also has been found to be infected with the plague and murine typhus. 


The best control method for any rodent pest is preventing an infestation to begin with.  To keep the cotton rat away, keep your grass and weeds that are near buildings mowed and as short as possible.  Seal up any openings that would allow a rat to enter. Pest Control Company in Phoenix AZ


Since these rats can carry the virus for HPS, be cautious when handling any droppings, contaminated clothing or even a dead rodent. 


If a rat or rats have invaded, call a pest control professional who has the tools and knowledge to address this problem.  Not all pest control companies are created equal. Pest Control Company in Phoenix AZ


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