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Pest Control For Garden Fountain Hills, AZ

Controlling Crickets In Your Garden

The chirping of a cricket, some find very peaceful. Heck!  The sound of chirping crickets has even made its way onto Sleep Apps. But for some, the sound of a chirping cricket is just a nuisance. 

Crickets do not bite, nor do they carry diseases.  But they can be very destructive to gardens, especially the new and young plants or flowers.  So if you garden is being taken over by crickets, or the sound of them is not lulling you to sleep, you will find yourself asking the question, “How to I kill or get rid of these crickets?” 

Controlling the crickets within your garden can be done by several different ways, but the most successful way is a combination of several cricket control practices.  Poison will always do the trick, but, consider using some non-toxic methods first.  Poison will always be there.

Crickets mate and then lay their eggs in the soil around late summer to early fall, then they will die from age or freezing temps.  Their eggs….and there are a ton, 150-400, will over winter and then hate during late spring/early summer.  Just like mom and dad were feeding on your plants, they will hatch and begin feeding on the same plants. Pest Control For Garden Fountain Hills, AZ

Crickets mate during the night time, and light is a huge attraction for them.  So one way to help manage crickets in the garden is to reduce the light.  If you have floodlights around the home, garden, or porch, you might want to consider turning them off or replacing them with vapor lamps or yellow lights, insects are not attracted to this type of light as much. 

A great way to control crickets in the garden is to invite a predator.  Cats love crickets!  Or lizards, birds, and even harmless spiders.  So don’t chase these bugs away! 

Also, try a dusting of diatomaceous earth!  This is a natural abrasive, white powder that is made of sharp ground up shells.  This will wear through the cricket’s outer shell, causing it to dehydrate and die.  Pest Control For Garden Fountain Hills, AZ


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