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Pest Control Fountain Hills AZ

All About Wasps

Arizona is filled with pests…….the climate and landscaping is a huge attraction to so many different species.  Within the wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets—these are the most common ones.


The Paper Wasp

Very common to find around the home.  They will sting if provoked, but are usually more at ease.  They build their nests in the springtime, and the colony will have one dominant female, then several working females.  The adult wasps feed on nectar while the larva feed on inspects that the adults will chew up for them.  They are pretty tolerant of human activity but are protective of their area and will attack if threatened.  Best thing to do is locate and remove wasps early in the season—this will keep the population from getting too big. 

The Tarantula Hawk Wasp

This is a solitary wasp and it travels the earth looking for Tarantulas.  They use this spider as their food source for the larva.  Very few are stung by this wasp, but if you are, it is a very painful sting.  Their color is a metallic blueish black and they have red wings.  Their abdomen is longer in the back.  Controlling these wasps really doesn’t work, they appear randomly in the environment.  Pest Control Fountain Hills AZ

The Mud Dauber Wasp

Ever see these brown/tan tubes on your wall outside? That is a Mud Dauber!  It looks a little bit like an organ pipe, so sometimes these wasps are even referred to as the Organ Pipe Mud Dauber.  These wasps are very docile and usually do not sting unless they are harassed.  When they build their nests, your best bet is to take it down at night—the wasp does not live in it.  The nest is where their young are.  These Mud Daubers will catch a spider and paralyze it---then they place it in the mud tubes to feed the larva.  Pest Control Fountain Hills AZ


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