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Locating Wasp’s Nest

Just recently I was working in my backyard.  It’s summertime, in July……and we were putting together a swing set of all things!  Some of the parts were lying up against the house, and every time went over in that direction……there were wasps! 

We couldn’t figure out why they were hovering there—actually, why they were being SO territorial.  There wasn’t a nest in sight!  Luckily, my dad was there.  He studied them, and sure enough, we were able to watch them go to their nest.  Know where it was?  Inside our brick exterior.  There are openings in a brick home, purposely there…….and the wasps had decided to take up residence!

If you find yourself being constantly harassed by wasps, then it is most likely that there is a nest close by OR there is a food source that a scout wasp has found and has relayed the position of the food source to the nest.  Wasp will seek out sweet foods, but also dead flesh. 

Wasps swarm feed.  If a foraging wasp has found the food source, it will go back to the nest and recruit all the other wasps to join for mealtime.  In just minutes, there can go from one wasp, to hundreds. 

If there is a nest present, simply take the time and watch it for a few minutes.  This is usually all that is needed to establish their flight lines and also determine where the nest opening is located.  If it is a large nest, it will have quite a bit of traffic arrive and leaving the nest. Pest Control Near Me AZ Phoenix

One of the most obvious places to look?  The roof, especially near the fascia or soffit area.  Both of these areas can become old and worn, making it easy to access the attic through small holes or tears.  Another place?  If cable or electric wiring has left holes.  All wasps need is one tiny hole to create a giant of a nest! Pest Control Near Me AZ Phoenix


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