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Raccoon Problems


Ever have that annoying relative that shows up uninvited, eats all your leftovers, and leaves your home a mess?  Cute and furry as they may be, raccoons can be such a nuisance, and sometimes, extremely dangerous. 

Raccoons are creatures of habit, so once they find a place they like, you can guarantee that they won’t be going anywhere.  Sometimes you know you have a problem at your home, but you aren’t sure exactly what it is that is causing it.  Raccoon activity most of the time is garbage issues---tipped over cans, and scattered trash across the yard.  Seeing dead birds?  That’s also a great way to know raccoons are hanging around.  Sometimes raccoons can damage attics and roofs of homes, but the most dangerous part with a raccoon is that they are a wild animal, and can carry any number of diseases, especially rabies.

So what can you do to deter raccoons away from your home?  Raccoons seek homes where food is easy to access, so the best thing to do, is cut off that supply.

  1.  Garbage Cans—seal them as tight as possible.  Raccoons have “human” hands, meaning opposable thumbs.  So they can remove any loose lid, and broken lid.  Buy a trash can that has a lid that locks into place with handles or clamps.  If at all possible, keep the trash in the garage or a secure place. 
  2. Don’t feed them---Feed your pets during the day, or in your home.  Leaving pet food and water outside, especially at night, will just ensure that raccoons will stick around.  Raccoons will even fight cats and dogs over the food.   Pest Control Near Me Fountain Hills AZ
  3. Block off access---Controlling access is the best way to deter them away from your home.  So keep your home up, find holes or crevices where raccoons may come in to your home or yard.  They can get through really small places—chimneys, attic vents, and seams along roofs and baseboards.  You may need to have a professional come out and look for problem areas. 
  4. Scaring doesn’t work---Banging a pot or pan may scare them away for a small amount of time, but they are very persistent and will come back after you have given up.  Motion detector water sprayers work great with raccoons……but raccoons are smart, and will eventually find a way around them. 
  5. Traps---Raccoon trapping is usually controlled by the local wildlife department, so check with them before setting any traps.  Most traps have to be “humane”---traps that wont harm them. 
  6. Active Raccoons---If you come across a raccoon that is active during the day, moves erratically, and is not afraid of humans, keep your distance and be very careful.  They may have rabies, and if you suspect the coon may have rabies, call your local wildlife control agency.   Pest Control Near Me Fountain Hills AZ

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