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Safely Observing Serpents



When you could unexpectedly cross paths with a snake in your own yard, or even worse, inside your house, that is an unnerving thing for any homeowner.  Having a fear of snakes is quite common.  Because of that, they are mysterious to many of us.  It makes it tough to research something you have a fear of!  But you do need to know the difference between a dangerous serpent and a harmless one.  It’s the key to keeping you and your family safe, but also is a great learning opportunity! 

The more prepared you are for a snake encounter, the less panicked you may actually feel in the moment.  It also might back for an easier reaction, too.  If you push your fears aside, start snake-observing below!

Of the 120 species of snakes found in North America, only 20 of them pose a deadly threat to humans and domestic animals.  You need to know what species have been spotted in your area-so make sure to talk to your neighbors and animal control.  Just because no one has ever seen a venomous snake in your area doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  Even if they are not native to your area, it’s always best to err on the side of caution, especially if the snake has traits of a dangerous species.

So what are you supposed to look for?  There are a few characteristics to keep your eye out for:  snake’s body type, head shape, eye characteristics, tail, and coloring.  Keep a safe distance before approaching any snake you come across.  If a garden snake slithers through your backyard a dozen times, every new encounter should be treated with caution.   Pest Control Near Me Mesa AZ








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