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Startling Facts About Insects


Anywhere you look, you’ll find one, or maybe a dozen, six-legged critters crawling about.  They are a wildly diverse bunch, Insecta, and it includes ants, bees, flies, beetles and so much more.  Their body is composed of three segments: head, thorax, and abdomen.  All incased in a hard exoskeleton.  All insects also have a pair of antenna, compound eyes and three pairs of jointed legs.  After that basic body plan, all kinds of amazing behaviors and abilities come to life. 

  1.  Most Successful Creatures.  Scientists have now catalogued about 1.5 million species of organisms on the planet.  Insects make about 2/3 of the species.  Scientists have only scratched the surface.  Studies estimate that the total number of species is more like 9 million.  There is such a diverse collection of creatures, some 90 percent of these species are Insecta.  Insects’ success is because of their tiny size, which makes hiding easier and reduces their energy requirements.  They have a wide diet of both natural and artificial foods.  A tough and protective exoskeleton.  Some of these insects have wings, which help them reach places safely, find food, and mates. Pest Control Phoenix AZ
  2. Meet the Beetles.  Beetles are from the insect order Coleoptera.  They are the most biodiverse group of creatures known.  There are over 380,000 species to date, which makes up about 40 percent of all insect species.  The secret to beetle diversity is their lifestyle versatility.  This helps ensure that they do not go extinct as fast as something like a mammal or amphibian species.  Pest Control Phoenix AZ




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