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Treating Mosquitoes




The backbone of any effective pest control is having a detailed and thorough inspection.  A trained and experienced technician will know where mosquitoes breed and where they hide-out during the day.  Upon inspection, a technician will identify these areas around the home or business so that any trouble areas can be targeted and any vulnerability can be addressed. 

Mist Treatment

Once the area that needs to be treated is discovered, it is time to apply an insecticide to some key areas.  A mist will be applied to ornamental plants, flower beds, tree canopies, windows, rooflines, and shaded areas.  Anywhere a mosquito rests will be coated with a product that is designed to kill simple organisms like mosquitoes and ticks.  This product does not harm children or pets. 

Breeding Sites

A mosquitoes breeding ground is near water.  If there is a still-water resource on your property, your technician will want to address it.  A habitat modification may need to be addressed to prevent accumulation of rainwater.  Larvicide may need to be introduced to prevent mosquito development.  The goal is to keep mosquitoes from finding a spot to lay their eggs. 

Are Mist Treatments Important?  Pest Control Service Phx Arizona

Mosquitoes thrive on moisture.  If a mosquito dries it, it dies.  So in the middle of the day, when the sun is shining they will hide in shaded moist locations.  When this happens, they are vulnerable to elimination by a pest control product. 

When a routine mist treatment is applied during mosquito season, these hiding places in your yard will act like a giant trap.  Around 6 to 7 treatments are needed per year, every treatment remains effective for 30 to 40 days after application.  The results are amazing. Pest Control Service Phx Arizona


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