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Pest Control for Gardens Mesa AZ

Pest Control For Herbs

Its summer…….and your herbs are growing beautifully!  But have you ever went to clip a few basil leaves and there seems to be one too many bugs fly off?  Well here are a couple of tips to keep the bugs away!


Basil is such a tender foliage, and it is so tempting for insects!  Examine the basil plant and try to catch the bugs in action!  Options for spraying plants range from homemade potions to a targeted commercial products. 


A strong jet of water often times can control pests!  Bugs that are easily knocked off are whiteflies, spider mites and aphids.  If a serious infestation is happening and the leaves are curling up or turning brown, clip them away before spraying.  Fungal disease can happen with wet leaves.  Position the hose upward so that the water hits the underside of the leaves where the soft bodied pests hide. 

*Insecticidal Soap

A commercial soap spray can kill soft bodied insects like aphids, whiteflies and spider mites.  This product is available in ready-t0-use spray bottles or as a concentrate.  If using the premade bottle, shake and spray the soap directly on the leaves.  Coat the lower and upper leaves.  If you use the concentrated, follow the directions and dilute with water.  A soap spray is best used in early evenings so that the intense daytime sun doesn’t harm the plants while interacting with soap. Pest Control for Gardens Mesa AZ

*Homemade Soap Spray

If you want, make your own spray!  Mix liquid, non-detergent soap, with water.  If you water supply is hard (high mineral), use bottled spring water.  For every 1 gallon of water, add 1 to 3 teaspoons of mild liquid soap.  Pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle or backpack sprayer.  Apply in early evening to minimize damage to leaves.  Spray the top and bottom of leaves! Pest Control for Gardens Mesa AZ


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