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Why do mosquito bites itch?

Every year people get bit by mosquitoes.  Some hardly notice the bite, but others have a far different reaction.  When the mosquito bites, it draws blood from you while also injecting some of their saliva.  The saliva contains anticoagulant and also proteins.

The protein is a foreign substance to the body, triggering the body’s immune system.  To fight off the protein, the immune system will release a histamine---this helps white blood cells move to the affected area.  The histamine is what causes the itchiness, inflammation and swelling. 

When a person is bit for the first time, their body may not have a response.  The body has not had a chance to formulate a response to the protein.  When an irritating bite does appear, there are some remedies to use to ease the itchiness. 

Scratching mosquito bites

Mosquito bites tend to itch more after you scratch them.  Here is why!

When you scratch the bite, it causes the skin to become inflamed.  The inflammation will cause the skin to itch, and then the cycle begins where scratching causes even more of an itchy sensation.  Scratching not only is a never-ending battle, but it also can cause the skin to break and an infection becomes possible. Pest Control in AZ Fountain Hills

Immediate relief for mosquito bites

Try these remedies to get fast relief for an itchy bite! 

  1. Elevate the area that was just bit and apply a cold compress.  This reduces blood flow.
  2. Apply a lotion or hydrocortisone cream—do not scratch. 
  3. Clean the bite with soap and water.  Pest Control in AZ Fountain Hills

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