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Pest Control in Phoenix AZ

Keeping the Garden Pests Away

I planted some herbs, vegetables, and fruits not to long ago…..and boy did they take off!  Especially the cucumbers.  But not to long after they really started growing well, I noticed damage was happening to the leaves.  Pests LOVE a good garden.  Here are some well known pests and tips to help you keep them under control in your garden! 


Flea Beetle

These pests are small, and dark.  They get their name because they jump like a flea when you disturb them.  They love to hang out on mostly any vegetable crop.  The adults chew small, round holes into the leaves and the larvae feed on the plants roots.  To control these pests apply floating row covers, spray plants with garlic spray or kaolin clay. 


Tarnished Plant Bug

These creatures are fast moving, mottled, and either green or brown.  They are forewings that have black-tipped yellow triangles.  They love flowers, fruits, and vegetables.  The adults and nymphs will suck the plant juice which causes the leaf and fruit to distort, wilt, stunt its growth, or die.  To control these bugs, keep weeds out of it, especially in the spring.  Put floating row covers, keep the native predatory insects around, and spray the plants with neem oil. Pest Control in Phoenix AZ


Japanese Beetles

The adults are a metallic blue-green, and about ½ inch in length.  Their wing covers are bronze and the larvae will be fat and white with brown heads.  Expect to find these guys on vegetables, flowers, and small fruits.  The adults will leave the leaves skeletonized, chew on the flowers, or completely defoliate the plant.  To keep these guys under control, shake the beetles from the plants in the morning, apply floating row covers, set out baited traps (upwind of the vegetables) 30 feet away, or spray beetles with insecticidal soap.    Pest Control in Phoenix AZ


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