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Mosquitoes Don't "Fall" Away When Summer Ends


Mosquitoes, especially in certain parts of the country, will remain a major pest through the fall months.  The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is reminding homeowners of the ongoing issue when dealing with increased mosquito populations across the United States.  Often times we associated the itchy welts from mosquitoes with summer, but these pests will still flourish well into the fall months.  They can transmit so many diseases, the most known, West Nile Virus.


According to Centers for Disease Control, CDC, more than 29,000 people in the United States  have been infected with West Nile Virus since 1999.  Of those 29,000, around 11,760 have resulted in serious illness.  These pests are considered summer pests, but they really do thrive in the fall as well.  Often, homeowners do not realize that mosquitoes will remain active until temperatures drop below 60 degrees.  Most regions of the United States do not experience this temperature drop until late fall.  Therefore, as a homeowner, you must be on-guard for conductive mosquito conditions and proactive in eliminating their breeding grounds.  This will help minimize any serious health risks that are associated with mosquitoes, including the West Nile Virus. 

The National Pest Management Association offers these tips to homeowners to prevent mosquito infestations on the property: 

  • Eliminate any stagnant water that collects on the property.  This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 
  • Pay attention to pool covers, birdbaths, and flowerpots.  All accumulate water.  Pest Professional Near Me Phoenix AZ
  • Remove any debris from gutters to prevent water collection.
  • Wear protective clothing and use insect repellent when spending time outdoors.
  • Stay indoors at dawn and dusk, this is when mosquitoes are at peak activity
  • If concerned about mosquito infestation, contact a licensed pest professional.  Pest Professional Near Me Phoenix AZ

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