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Cold Drives the Pests Indoors

When the colder months hit, homeowners can often be unaware that they may be sharing their cozy home with some unsuspected squatter-pests. 


Indian meal moths, mice, ants, termites and spiders can all be nesting inside.  When temperatures begin to fall, pests start to invade around 21 million homes every year.  Their food source is less accessible and they struggle to adapt in cold weather. 


Pests can also trigger allergies and asthma attacks, transmit diseases and contaminate food.  If they gnaw through electrical wires, this creates fire hazards and chewing through support beams and drywall brings down the value of your home plus risks its stability.  They find their way into homes by hitching a ride on firewood, packages, or even your beloved pet.  They can come in through cracks and crevices, but the good news is, there are effective ways to pest-proof your home! 

  •  Install door sweeps on exterior doors
  •  Repair any damage to screens
  •  Seal cracks and holes outside the home.  This should include where the utilities and pipes enter.  Phoenix AZ Bed Bug Professional
  •  Keep food in airtight containers
  •  Throw trash out regularly
  •  Keep attics, crawl spaces, basements dry and well ventilated
  •  Inspect any items that you bring into your home
  •  Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house
  •  Keep plants and shrubs trimmed and cut back away from the house

If you think you have a pest infestation inside your home, call a licensed pest professional right away to help inspect and treat the problem!  Phoenix AZ Bed Bug Professional


Contact Lady Bug Pest Control Specialists. We offer Free Home Inspection for Termites, Eco-Friendly Pest Control, Home Seal Service, Bed Bug Eco-Heat, and Rodent Control. We perform Complete Home Inspections. Lady Bug also will do a free termite inspection if you already are under contract with another company and take over your existing termite warranty policy. Please feel free to contact Lady Bug Pest Control Specialists to answer any of your pest control questions or for a FREE Inspection. 480-833-1111.

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