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Paper Wasps And Winter



Have you ever seen a wasp flying around the home in the middle of winter and thought to yourself “where in the world did that come from?”  If so, you aren’t alone!  In the mid-Atlantic and Midwestern States this is very common.  Usually the pest you are seeing is a Paper Wasp, given its name because of the material it uses to construct its nest. 


When fall sets in, the worker paper wasps usually begin to die off.  Certain females, those who are destined to become the future queens of colonies will start seeking protection to overwinter.  Before the first frost, their internal clock will tell them its time to investigate a harboring place like logs, in between deck floor joists, chimneys, and even around door frames and windows. 


Female paper wasps are notorious for getting inside homes.  They will enter through small crevices near the roof while searching for a place to overwinter.  Once they get inside, they will hide in wall voids or a warm attic.  Once hidden they enter into a state called diapause.  Their development is suspended during the cold months.  This means you, the homeowner, most likely won’t see them until spring!  Phoenix Eco-Friendly Pest Control AZ Once they become active they will start looking for an escape route outdoors to create a new nest.  When this happens, you will begin to see them flying around the home. 


If you encounter them during the winter months, don’t panic.  They are usually sluggish and can easily be removed.  If you happen to encounter a nest, it is best to contact a professional!  While they aren’t usually aggressive, they will sting if feel threatened.  Phoenix Eco-Friendly Pest Control AZ


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