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Strange Household Insect Facts


House Crickets

These guys are active at night and hide in dark warm places during the day.  If you don’t see them, you will hear them!  They chirp loud, and this is caused by the rubbing of their front wings together to attract females.  Clothing and carpets can get damaged by crickets, they feed on the surface and leave the area roughened up because they pulled the fibers loose while eating. 


There have many many cultures that incorporate crickets into their folklore and mythology.  Brazilians believe that cricket songs are signs of impending rains.  Asian countries believe that crickets bring good luck and are kept as house pets in cages. 



These are considered beneficial insects because they consume plant-feeding insects like aphids, mealybugs, mites and scale insects that harm crops and plants in gardens.  There are only 3 out of 475 ladybug species that are not beneficial in the US.


They may seem and look cute, but they can become vicious if food is scarce and resort to cannibalism.  If stronger, a hungry ladybug can turn onto the weaker members of its species.  Phoenix Pest Control Near Me AZ



Sometimes called “thousand-leggers” because of the many pairs of legs they have.  The leggiest species has 333 pairs of legs!  Some secrete a smelly fluid that can be toxic to small animals and pets and can even cause blistering on humans.  They can’t survive inside for long and can be found under trash, piles of grass clippings, flower-bed mulch, piles of leave, etc. 


Because of fossil evidence, millipedes may have been the first animals to breathe air and move from water to land.  There was a fossil found of  a millipede in Scotland that dates back 428 million years!  Phoenix Pest Control Near Me AZ


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