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Spider control isn’t really necessary unless you have poisonous spiders, a big population, or a full-on spider infestation.  If any of these things are  going on, you need a pest management professional. 

  1.  Suck it Up

To control spiders, it first begins with sanitation.  And that starts with you.  Vacuum often and thoroughly.  Vacuuming removes spider webs and egg sacs.  Spiders that are sucked up, will die.  Their soft body structure can’t handle trauma.  Clean the cracks and corners of all rooms in the home.  Remove cobwebs—old and new.  Remove all clutter from attics, garages, closets and basements. 

  1.  Get Rid of the Fly Supply

Spiders don’t like human food…..neither do they like humans!  What they do like is other arthropods and insects.  Spiders will die if they don’t get food.  A great way to control spider infestations is to cut off the food supply.  Keep the windows fitted with screens, repair any holes, and if there are other bug problems, work to eliminate the issues.  Practice good sanitation and storage techniques. Phx AZ Pest Control

  1.  Spin Your Own Web

Killing spiders doesn’t have to be a ton of work.  Just like spiders trap their food in webs, you too can trap spiders in your own sticky web.  Sticky glue traps are often used for rodent and cockroach control, but they also work on spiders.  Lay these traps throughout the home, including the closets, basements, garages and attics. The more traps you lay, the better your spider control.  Use caution when placing traps---keep them out of reach of children and pets. Phx AZ Pest Control

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