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Spiders Life Cycle

Spiders, from the smallest jumping spider to the largest tarantula, all have the same general life cycle.  There are three stages of maturity: egg, spiderling, and adult.  The details of these stages will vary based on the species of spider, but are still very similar.

When spiders mate, the ritual will also vary.  Males must approach a female spider very carefully or they can be mistaken for prey.  After mating, a male spider will often die.  The female is very independent and will care for her eggs all on her own.

It is NOT true that the majority of female spiders will eat their mates. 

Egg – Embryonic Stage

Once mating occurs, the female spider will store the sperm until she is ready to produce eggs.  The female will construct an egg sac from strong silk that is tough enough to protect the developing offspring from the elements.  After it is constructed, she will deposit her eggs inside it, fertilizing them as they emerge.  Phx AZ Safe Pest Control

One single egg sac may contain a few eggs….or several hundred.  It all depends on the species of spider.  Spider eggs usually take a few weeks to hatch. There are some spiders that will stay in the egg sac through winter and emerge in the spring. 

In a lot of spider species, the mother will guard the egg sac from predators until the young hatch.  There are other spiders though, that will place the sac in a secure location and leave the eggs to their own fate.  Phx AZ Safe Pest Control


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