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Finding the Queen

  1.  Know What The Queen Looks Like

Most will say that the Queen, her Royal Majesty, is the largest bee in the hive.  There are some very large Queen’s out there, and she is definitely longer when compared to a worker bee.  If you need to locate her quickly, make sure to study pictures of her. 

  1.  Know Where She Most Likely Is

The Queen will usually be around the brood nest, on the frames where there are open cells for her to lay eggs.  If she is not there, then that particular hive is no longer open and she is in another more obscure location.  The Queen does not want to be found.  Here is a great example: if the top box of a two box hive has been looked at, and there is no queen to be found, you will have a better chance of locating her in the bottom box. Phx Pest Control AZ

  1.  Know Her Behavior

When the queen is amongst her loyal workers, they will quickly make way for her, and just as quickly close in.  When searching in a frame, when the bees are moving this is a possible indication of where she is, or where she just was.  If you happen to see small groups of worker bees on a frame, this is another indication.  They tend to hang around the Queen, even turning towards her, attending to her every need.  If the hive seems unsettled (for some colonies, simply being inspected can be very unsettling) then the behavior may be unpredictable.  Phx Pest Control AZ 


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