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What Out for these Dangerous Pests Around Your Pet

  1.  Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a huge outdoor nuisance that can quickly become an indoor problem.  The thing is, it’s not just the bite from the female mosquito that can worry you.  Heartworms, which is spread through mosquitoes that carry infective larvae, is a much deadlier issue for your beloved pet.  Heartworm larvae will migrate from the bite wound, through the body until it reaches the heart and blood vessels of the lungs.  Once it matures, an adult heartworm can grow to 12 inches long and cause significant mechanical blockage to the flow of the blood.  This can lead to death, all depending on how severe the disease is.  They are heartworm preventive available.  Speak to your veterinarian to help determine which one is best for you pet. 

  1.  Kissing Bugs

Just like mosquitoes and ticks, the kissing bug, is a blood sucker.  It is attracted to odors and warm-blooded hosts, like dogs.  It is also the cause for a deadly disease in dogs and people called Chagas Disease.  There is no effective treatment for dogs with Chagas disease.  If you live in a region that has kissing bugs, make sure to take precautions and monitor your dog, making sure they do not eat any bugs.  Safe Pest Control Carefree AZ

  1.  Botflies

The larvae of the Botflies (Cuterbra Fly) like to hang out in grass, and latch onto warm-blooded hosts, like a pet, that passes through.  Symptoms of a botfly infestation include seizures, aggression, blindness, and warbles (lumps) in the skin.  The lumps are where the larvae has taken up residence.  The best prevention is to keep your dog from hunting rodents.  Sometimes this is impossible if you live in an area with rodents, rabbits, or other small mammals.  Closely inspect your dog regularly for an signs of warbles.  The earlier a warble is removed, the less likely there will be permanent or serious damage to the pet.   Safe Pest Control Carefree AZ


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