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Debunking Common Spider Myths, Continued…..



The National Pest Management Association has debunked a few of these legends about Spiders:

Myth #3: All spiders spin webs.

When you think of Spiders, you probably think about webs.  Not all spiders spin silk structures to catch their prey.  There are several species of spiders that use other strategies to obtain their food.  A wolf spider, for example, catches their food by hunting.  A jumping spider, pounces on its prey. 


Myth #4:Daddy long legs are one of the most poisonous spiders, but their fangs are too short to penetrate human skin.

The Daddy-Long Leg is the topic for many urban legends.  This tale has been around for years, but is completely false.  Think about this one for a minute.  How can a spider inject venom into the human body if its fangs are too short to pierce skin tissue?  There is no reference to any pholcid spider biting a human and causing any detrimental reaction.   There also isn’t any toxicological study that tests the lethality of pholcid venom on humans.  Basically, there are zero facts to support this legend.  Safe Pest Control Near Me Carefree AZ


Myth #5: All spiders are dangerous.


Spiders and humans have lived together for centuries, and most species of spiders do not harm humans.  In fact, there are many species that are beneficial to the environment.  Spiders are predators, but their main source of food is insects.  They help to reduce the amount of pests in homes and gardens.  It is true that all spiders have a venomous bite, there are only a few species that are medically dangerous.  In the United States, it would be the widow spiders and recluse.  Safe Pest Control Near Me Carefree AZ


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