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Debunking Common Spider Myths



Often, the sight of a creepy crawly spider scaling the wall or hiding in a webbed corner can give people the heebie-jeebies!  Why is this?  Well, over time myths and lack of understanding about spiders have evolved throughout culture.  This has made people have a terrified reaction to this extremely common pest.  The National Pest Management Association has debunked a few of these legends:


Myth #1: The average person swallows about eight spiders a year when sleeping.


This legend is ALL OVER the internet.  It is FALSE!  According to Snopes, this myth started when a columnist for a magazine wrote an article in 1993 about a list of outlandish “facts” that were circulating through email.  To show people that they will believe anything they read online, this columnist made up some of her own ridiculous facts, including this myth!  It is very UNLIKELY for a person to swallow even one live spider when sleeping. Safe Pest Control Near Me Fountain Hills AZ


Myth #2: People are never more than three feet away from a spider.


In 1995 arachnologist Norman Platnick wrote, “Wherever you sit as your read these lines, a spider is probably no more than a few yards away.”  There is probably some truth to this statement.  However, it does depend on where you are!  For example, if you are standing in a grassy area, there is likely a spider super close by you.  But if you are on the very top floor of a skyscraper, the nearest spider is probably hundreds of feet away. Safe Pest Control Near Me Fountain Hills AZ


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