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Scorpion Pest Control Mesa AZ

Identifying Scorpions in Arizona

If you live in Arizona, especially in the Phoenix area, you may assume that every scorpion you come across is an Arizona Bark Scorpion.  Your assumption is not correct. 


The beautiful state of Arizona is home to all kinds of species of scorpions.  All scorpions have venom and some use it to capture their prey, not all scorpions have a venom that is harmful to humans.  Arizona doesn’t have the largest scorpions in the world and it also doesn’t have the deadliest scorpions either.  There is however, a scorpion with a potent venom: the Arizona Bark Scorpion. 

The sting from an Arizona Bark Scorpion can range from an annoying sting to extremely painful with longer lasting effects.  Dying from the sting of a scorpion is very rare.  Someone who is prone to have allergic reactions to stings, those who have under-developed or compromised immune systems may experience a strong or severe reaction.  Also, small pets may have adverse reactions. Scorpion Pest Control Mesa AZ

The Sonoran Desert is absolutely humongous.  It covers an area of about 100,000 miles.  The Sonoran Desert is found in southeastern California, most of Baja California and Baja California Sur, sections of northwestern Mexico including the cities of Guaymas, Hermosillo and Puerto Penasco (what we know as Rocky Point).  Also, much of the southern half of Arizona; Tucson, Yuma, and Phoenix. 

The Arizona Bark Scorpion is different from all others in one area: it has long slender hands and fingers, along with a long slender tail.  In the desert, it is usually all one color from tan-yellow, to orange.  In higher elevations, it may be striped.  When this scorpion is resting, it is held at the side and coiled to where the sting is pointed to the base of the fourth segment. 

The Arizona bark scorpion is very common in rocky areas in the desert and found throughout Arizona.  Scorpion Pest Control Mesa AZ

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