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Snake Bite Fountain Hills AZ

Snake Bites and the Symptoms

If you live in Arizona long enough, the chances of you seeing a snake, are very probable.  Snakes, unless disturbed or threatened, have no intention of being around humans.  That being said, bites do occur every year in the United States. 

To identify a snake bite, look for these symptoms:

1.     2 puncture wounds

2.    Redness and swelling around the puncture wounds

3.    Pain, especially around the bite site

4.    Difficulty breathing

5.    Nausea and vomiting

6.    Vision can be blurred

7.    Drooling and sweating

8.    Numbness in the face and possibly the limbs

There are some venomous snakes that cause symptoms specific to their type. 

The Rattlesnake is easily identifiable.  It makes a rattling sound that serves as a warning for you to back away.  The largest venomous snake is the Rattlesnake and it accounts for many of the venomous bites in the United States every year.  These snakes can be found in almost any habitat across the country, but they love the Arizona desert.  They love open areas where they can rest in the sun, especially around rocks and logs.

Some specific symptoms to the Rattlesnake Bite are:

·          Severe Pain

·         Droopy eyelids

·         Low blood pressure

·         Extreme thirst

·         Tiredness or muscle weakness

The water moccasin is another type of venomous snake, classified as a pit viper.  It is also known as the Cottonmouth snake.  The inside of it’s mouth is lined with a white, cottony like material.  The average size of a water moccasin is between 50 to 55 inches.  The adults have dark tan to black skin with faint dark brown or even black crossbands.  A young snake will have brown or orange crossbands with a yellow tail.  This particular snake is found in the southeastern states, usually in or close by the water.  They do not scare easily and will defend themselves in threatened. Snake Bite Fountain Hills AZ

Symptoms specific to the Cottonmouth Snake are:

·         pain immediately along with severe symptoms

·         Change in skin color

·         Shock

·         Low blood pressure

·         weakness   Snake Bite Fountain Hills AZ


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