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Snake Removal Fountain Hills, AZ

Keeping Snakes Away

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, especially when it comes to Snake Control.  Here are some options available to you:

Option 1:  Purchase and apply snake repellent powder, spray, or a noise device.  These are readily available on the market----but are completely ineffective.  Basically a waste of your time and money.

Option 2:  Purchase snake traps.  These do work, but they do not always catch the snake.

Option 3:  Hire a professional in your area.  This is the MOST EFFECTIVE and reliable method—but it also is the priciest.

Option 4:  Make your property less attractive to Snakes.  Clear out debris, keep the bushes and plants trimmed back, fill in gaps in the concrete or rocks, seal holes in the house or gaps under the doors, and fence the property.  A solid fence (not chain link).  Snake Removal Fountain Hills, AZ


You want to repel the snakes from the home.  The internet would suggest mothballs.  This is not the cure-all that the internet would have you believe.  Mothballs are recommended for the removal of rats, mice, bats, snakes, groundhogs, armadillos, raccoons, opossums….and even homeless people.  It does not work.  Instead of trying repellants, go outside and take a good look at your property.  Snakes love places with tall vegetation, cover, and an ample supply of food.  If your yard is un-mowed, covered in junk and abandoned buildings……then by now you should know what you need to do to get rid of snakes.  Something simple like keeping the grass mowed will go a long way in deterring snakes from your property.  Snake Removal Fountain Hills, AZ


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