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Arizona Brown Spider


The Arizona Spider, also known as the Brown Recluse Spider, is one of the only three common spiders in the US that actually have venom.  The other two are black widows and brown widows.  If bitten by any of these spiders, medical attention is necessary.  But just because they are the only ones to produce venom in the United States, doesn’t mean if you are bitten by other spiders, you will not need medical attention.  Bites from the Hobo Spider, Wolf Spider, and Jumping Spider may require a doctor visit. 


Identifying the Arizona Brown Spider:

*It will have very long, thin legs

*The abdomen is oval shaped  Spider Pest Control Services Carefree, AZ

*It has 6 pairs of eyes

*The abdomen is uniform in color and has very fine hair

*No spines on legs and the legs are also uniform in color

*Color ranges from light brown to dark brown

*Body will not be more than 3/8” in length

The eyes are arranged in pairs, but it will require a good magnifying glass to identify them.  The tail-end part of the spider has no markings, if you see a brown spider that has markings on the tail end, most likely it is not an Arizona Brown Spider.  The male spiders are also smaller than the females. 

Arizona Brown Spiders are found outside the home, in firewood piles, leaves, or within piles of rocks.  If they are indoor, you can expect to find them in dark closets, shoes, or cluttered basements/attics. 

If you are bitten by an Arizona Brown Spider, seek medical attention right away.  Spider Pest Control Services Carefree, A


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