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Spider exterminator Cave Creek AZ

Identifying the Wolf Spider

I hate spiders.  Plain and simple.  The older I’ve gotten, it seems the more jumpier and squeamish I am when it comes to spiders.  Living in Arizona, surrounded by not only the dessert but mountains, having spiders around, near, or in the home, is very common.  


The wolf spider itself is a very common spider found in the U.S.  Scientists now have identified more than 125 different species o the wolf spider in just the United States alone.  If you are like me, and fear spiders and fear the wolf spider because of it’s larger size, its bite, however, is not truly deadly.  There are those who do consider the bite of of wolf spider to be on the top 10 most dangerous spider bites in the world.  


How to identify a wolf spider:  location (where it is found), behavior (its actions and its bite)

The wolf spider can be anywhere from 1/2 inch to 2 inches long.  Its often hairy with orange/brown to grey/black camouflage coloring.  It can have splotches or stripes of color as well.   Spider exterminator Cave Creek AZ

The eyes of a wolf spider will be arranged in three rows, with three different sizes.  There will be two medium-sized eyes on the top of its head, 2 large eyes on the center front, and four small eyes below the large.  

All spiders have eight legs, but the wolf spider also has 2 more tiny legs (or arm/appendages) that extend out the front.  

The younger species will look a lot like the adults, but the coloring can vary and change as they grow.  The mother spider can sometimes be seen with the young spiders riding on their back until the spiders are independent enough to be on their own.  Spider exterminator Cave Creek AZ


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