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Termite Pest control Fountain Hills, AZ

All You Need To Know About Termites

The silent destroyer……termites……they can be secretly hiding and growing larger by the day in your home or yard…..and there really is no immediate signs of damage.  Although there are lots of different species of termites, they all consume cellulose-based plant materials.  What does this mean?  Well, any home, regardless of what it is constructed with, can provide the cellulose food that a termite infestation requires. 

Termites are considered detritivores/detritus feeders—which means they feed on dead plants and trees, dead parts of a living tree.  This includes the wood and any wood that is in the soil.  Termites mouths are capable of tearing woody material---this is what can cause so much concern in a home.  Termites are small….the working termites are only about 1 cm to maybe a few millimeters in length---but it is their feeding habit that causes the costly damage to homes or other property.  Your homes foundation, and even what is in the home like furniture, shelves, and books are all things that termites would feed on.  Termite Pest control Fountain Hills, AZ

Subterranean termite homes are formed in the soil most of the time.  In these mounds, the termites can form some truly elaborate tunnel systems and mud tunnels.  This is what provides them access too above ground---where their food source is located.  

Drywood termites are found in the wood that they are eating---so that includes walls and furniture.   

It is easy to know when a colony of termites has matured because the winged, swarming termites, will be found around the windows and doors.  The termites with wings are very attracted to light and are active in the springtime.  After these termites have mated, they will look for a new breeding site to create another colony.  So this spreads the infestation—to multiple locations.  Termite Pest control Fountain Hills, AZ


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