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Tick Pest Control Carefree AZ

Myth Busters……..Fleas and Ticks!


For centuries fleas and ticks have been around wreaking havoc.  They are a source of discomfort and disease.  Experts have learned a lot about these pesky pests……there are some common myths and misconceptions about fleas and ticks that still exists in the minds of pet owners.  Believing these myths can make your parasite problem worse. 


Myth:  If you can’t see them, they must be gone.

Over the last few decades, chemicals and drugs have become very effective at controlling fleas and ticks.  There are many vet-approved internal or topical prodcuts that impair reproduction, inhibit maturation and help to repel and kill the parasites.  Many work really well, and these lulls us into a place where we think “that got em!”……and it does get them.  But, we forget about the fleas and ticks that we can’t see or reach.  Because of that, it can cause you to lose the war against fleas and ticks. 

Adult fleas live on their host but immature stages of fleas exist all over in the environment.  Adult fleas only account for 5% of the total population of fleas in your environment.


There are four stages of development for fleas: egg, larva, pupa and adult.  The adult fleas feed on pet blood, mate, and then the female’s produce eggs.  Larvae will then emerge from these eggs and will develop into pupae.  The pupae will mature into an adult flea, and the flea will jump onto the pet and begin to feed.  When this happens, the cycle starts all over again.  The thing is……even if there is no “host” close by when the fleas hatch, they can go for quite a while without feeding.  Tick Pest Control Carefree AZ

Ticks also have immature stages.  After they feed and mate, the adult female tick will drop from its host, lay hundreds (possibly thousands) of eggs.  These eggs will develop into tiny larvae, which molt into nymphs.  The Nymphs then molt into adult ticks.   Tick Pest Control Carefree AZ


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